December 5, 2023

Ferrari is a brand name that has often been synonymous with luxurious, velocity, and high-overall performance motor vehicles. Among the numerous styles of Ferraris, the F12 stands out as a person of the most impressive and beloved vehicles. For a great cause, this motor vehicle has captured the hearts of Ferrari lovers and automotive enthusiasts alike. The F12 is broadly regarded as just one of the best Ferraris at any time manufactured, and in this article, we will dive into why.

How substantially horsepower does a Ferrari F12 have?

Ferrari F12 black
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta | Martyn Lucy, Getty Photos

The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is a overall performance equipment able of delivering a driving expertise that is nothing quick of incredible. With a 6.3-liter V12 motor that makes 731 horsepower and 509 lb-ft of torque, this automobile is an complete powerhouse. It can go from to 60 mph in just 3.1 seconds and has a best velocity of 211 mph.

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