December 4, 2023

We listen to about torque fairly a lot in the biking planet these days. Bicycle mechanics will use torque wrenches everyday to tighten bolts to spec. Before going any further more ‘torquing to spec’ refers to tightening any fastener to the torque rating – or ‘specification’ – set by the maker. Home mechanics are encouraged to obtain 1 of the very best bicycle torque wrenches to assist seem just after their products effectively and minimise the opportunity of problems. Some of the very best highway bikes now even occur with a torque wrench incorporated to help owners with any luck , get factors appropriate out of the box. 

As a skilled mechanic, I have expended many years torquing fasteners (a fastener is made use of to keep objects collectively, on a bike these will usually be threaded, with the thread utilized to safe components to just one another i.e a screw or bolt) on bike components to spec and wanting up and learning ingredient torque scores to assure customers’ bikes were being preserved to spec and to minimise the danger of destruction. Each working day is a school working day, as the declaring goes, and I have constantly been intrigued in how factors are accomplished in other industries when compared to the bike earth when it arrives to torque and torque wrenches. To that conclude, I have spoken with two professional bike mechanics, an plane technician and an automotive mechanic to see how points are performed in their industries, in get to build an exciting comparison on working with torque. I experienced a handful of preconceived strategies that I desired to talk to them about, as well as concerns the mechanic in me just wished to know out of sheer curiosity. 


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