December 4, 2023

It is always nice to restore a car, clean it, if necessary, fix it, and give it a new life. For this reason, YouTube Channel WB Detailing decided to restore a classic Ford. The Mustang 289 was closed for years in a barn. It is a 1967 model in a shade of Moss Green. Compared to other abandoned models which are mostly in bad condition, this vintage car is just covered in dust.

In fact, it was not necessary to carry out interventions under the hood of this classic car. The Mustang just needed a bit of TLC to regain the bright color of the past. It also looks like this car is on sale, so if you’re interested don’t hesitate to contact Brent. Otherwise, enjoy the video of this jewel that returns to shine after years in the dust.

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This Ford Mustang Restoration Took Just Two Days

It took Brent and his team two days to clean this car. As he says in the video, in fact, during the day one was dedicated to an external washing that would take away the dust and dirt accumulated over the years.

In this process, the wheels and rims were thoroughly cleaned, both by hand and with a jet. Then it is the turn of the body, which is first rinsed, then covered with a foam that is then washed off. Already at this point, you can see how the car has returned to shine, despite the work not yet finished.

1967 Ford Mustang 289 abandoned
Via: WD Detailing YouTube Channel

But now, with the clean car in front of him, Brent has realized a problem: the color of the hood has not matched the rest of the body. It appears in fact of a brighter green, and you have to take measures. The authors of the video intended to sell the vehicle, so they loaded the car on a trailer and took it to a workshop, in which the hood was polished and repainted to match the rest of the body.

Polishing The Classic Stang To Its Former Glory

1967 Ford Mustang 289 cleaning
Via: WD Detailing YouTube Channel

On the second day, after washing and painting, the authors of the video moved on to another fundamental part of the process: polishing. The car is first covered with soap and cleaned by hand with sponges. Once properly rubbed, the bodywork is rinsed again to avoid leaving dust or dirt residue. Then you can start with polishing.

At this point in the video, a piece of adhesive tape is applied to divide the hood of the car in half. This is to show viewers the difference between before and after. The author of the video, in fact, equipped with his polisher, begins to pass it on to the bodywork, and we immediately see how the imperfections of the paint tend to disappear.

1967 Ford Mustang 289 tires
Via: WD Detailing YouTube Channel

Once a rag is passed over the polished part, it becomes like a mirror, and we can even see the reflection of the video author’s face. This technique is really essential to return a car to its original splendor and must be applied to every part of the body.

Then you can switch to the bumper and its chrome parts, for which steel wool and metal polish are used. You can see this works because it gets cleaned so well. At the end of the process, the entire car is covered with an insulator wax to keep the paint color vivid.

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The Interior Of This Ford Mustang Needed More Attention

1967 Ford Mustang 289 polished
Via: WD Detailing YouTube Channel

Finally, the interior of a car is something equally fundamental, and in a restoration process, you can not forget to clean it from top to bottom. The two colleagues in the video begin to suck the crumbs and dust nested on the mats and all around.

Then the interior of the doors is cleaned, which is first sprayed with an alcohol-based product and then rubbed with a cloth. The steering wheel is another element of the car that must be carefully washed.

As for these used cars, in fact, we can not know who drove them, and the dirt from the hands can lurk for years. It is therefore essential to clean this part with great dedication. The author of the video uses a brush and a cloth to reach every point.

1967 Ford Mustang interior
Via: WD Detailing YouTube Channel

The steel gear lever is polished well, as well as the odometer glass, mats, and pedals. The latter, as you can imagine, tend to get dirty very easily and after years it can be difficult to scrape them completely. Yet the authors of the video have managed to make them come back as new, making a real masterpiece. The black leather seats were instead cleaned with a leather conditioner and are back to sparkle.

Anyway, at the end of the video, the car seems to be brand new like it just got out of the dealership. The authors of the video did a great job with this car. The process of restoring a car, such as a used Mustang 289, requires great attention to detail, specialized skills, and a good dose of patience. In the end, however, always try to keep your car clean and organized.


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