December 4, 2023

Nissan has yet to reveal what the new GT-R will look like but designer hycade offers one very attractive possibility in a new render.

The current R35 Nissan GT-R remains a competitive player in the JDM sports car realm despite over a decade of production. In a manner similar to Dodge with the Charger, Nissan has done a good job keeping the car fresh despite a longer than normal life cycle with just enough updates to modernize a good formula of speed, power, and performance.

While the 2023 GT-R still gathers excitement among enthusiasts, naturally, many wonder what the R36 version of the iconic Nissan two-door will look like and how it may differ from the current version of the car. Designer hycade offers one possible outcome in a render on their YouTube channel of what the next version of the GT-R may look like.

2023 Nissan GT-R R36 Render

Nissan remains tight-lipped on what a future generation of the GT-R will look like or what specifications the car will have. It is a car that has an enthusiastic group of onlookers waiting for details but the automaker has made it clear that no official reveal will take place in the immediate future.

As a result, hycade’s render is a great glimpse into what might be possible for the next generation of a car that puts adrenaline in the driver’s seat for drivers around the world.

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The GT-R is one of the longest-running production vehicles without a major redesign in the United States, in the ranks of cars like the Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 which ironically, are also known for strong performance and have managed to remain fresh and enticing as a viable alternative to more mundane options.

Despite being over a decade since the GT-R made its debut, its styling holds up today as an attractive sports car. For this reason, hycade keeps a similar design architecture and simply modernizes it rather than starting completely from the ground up again.

Modernizing A Solid Design For Nissan’s New GT-R

Nissan GT-R R36 Render Rear
Via: YouTube – hycade

The GT-R in the render, which includes several different possible exterior paint colors, keeps the overall shape of the car intact from the current R35 GT-R with minimal changes to the overall lines and design.

The front of the car takes on new life with sleeker LED headlights as well as changes to the grille that align closely with modern Nissan vehicles in addition to the bumper and lower air intakes. Overall, it looks like a GT-R with a more aggressive, sleeker design.

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The sides of the car get sharper lines with some changes to the shape of the doors and an updated rear end. Quad exhaust, a re-shaped rear end, and LED lights keep the overall inspiration from the R35 with a sharper, fresher appearance. The rear diffuser and bumper also undergo changes to differentiate the render from the current production R35.

Overall, this new design seems to be a safe approach for Nissan to take given that it simply adds new life to a car that still grabs the attention of many, ensuring the legacy of the GT-R as a leader among sports cars will continue into another generation.

We will have to keep waiting until Nissan makes an official announcement for details on a future production GT-R but if the recently refreshed Nissan Z is any indication, a new GT-R will be worth the wait.


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