December 4, 2023

When you get behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, you can anticipate the world-class driving experience even before starting the engine. Every element of a Lamborghini is designed and engineered with impeccable detail, passion, and care.

A Lamborghini is not an ordinary vehicle – it was never meant to be. The color options for Lamborghini are as stunning and unique as they should be. The Lamborghini color list is carefully curated to reflect the rarity of the vehicle.

As a top-performance luxury vehicle in the world, Lamborghini has always pushed the envelope in every aspect of design, build, and customization. Since its founding, the car brand has evolved and expanded the concept behind the striking colors that drivers of such high-caliber vehicles desire.

In the past, other performance vehicles simply identified with red and yellow colorways, which offer a certain classic appeal. Designers behind Lamborghini cars have long pushed the envelope on color concepts that embody and express the boldness, elegance, and power behind the luxury brand.

The Lamborghini color list you see today is the result of that dedicated exploration of design. As such, it offers discerning buyers the freedom to express what they love about the vehicle through its exterior paint color. Drivers can lean on the power and history of Lamborghini with timeless, powerful colors like Rosso Mars (a glossy red) and Bianco Isi (a glossy white).

Those who identify more with decidedly modern concepts of the vehicle can opt for ever-popular, brand-defining colors like Arancia Atlas (a glossy orange) or Blu Nila (a glossy blue). Of course, all of these colors are so carefully curated by the world’s foremost color design experts that they are instantly uniquely recognizable as a Lamborghini color.

You won’t find Lamborghini color codes on any other vehicle, which only adds to the mystique and eye-catching design behind the incomparable performance vehicle. Selecting the best Lamborghini paint colors is a very personal choice, especially considering the extensive list of Lamborghini color names available to buyers.

Each color accentuates an element of boldness, a sense of refined luxury and beauty of design, or simply the raw power and peak performance that lies within a Lamborghini’s powertrain. Every Lamborghini color serves to exemplify the feeling of the car’s driving experience, as well as being a major head-turner for passers-by.

With Lamborghini, there is an undeniable and unparalleled level of luxury and quality of design. That’s given. The only question is which of the many Lamborghini colors speaks to and instills your personality into the car.

From the very moment you walk towards a Lamborghini, you know you’re about to experience peak driving performance and luxury. The exterior color is where the design meets the road.

The following list of Lamborghini paint color names features the most popular Lamborghini colors in the world.

bianco icarus

Bianco Icarus Metallic

Bianco Icarus Metallic is Lamborghini’s unique brand expression of white that remains refined while adding a subtle flash of metallic shine.

blu cepheus

Blu Cepheus

Blu Cepheus has emerged as one of the more iconic colors in the Lamborghini palette. A highly recognizable pearl blue that is a free-spirited and bold high-end look.

blu glauco

Blu Glauco

A part of Lamborghini’s Ad Personam color list, Blu Glauco is an eye-catching electric teal color for the future.

bronzo zante

Bronzo Zante

Bronzo Zante is a metallic bronze that is a refined expression of high-luxury with just the right amount of flair. A wow-factor color that suits the brand.

giallo clarus

Giallo Clarus

Giallo Clarus is Lamborghini’s slightly neon, futuristic interpretation of the classic yellow sports car. Expressly fast and bold, it’s a new statement color born from classic design.

giallo midas

Giallo Midas

Giallo Midas offers classic sports car yellow profile for Lamborghini, for those who are enamored with the roots of performance vehicles.

grigio nimbus

Grigio Nimbus

Grigio Nimbus is a brighter, more modern expression of gray with enough shine to embody the sharpness and speed of a Lamborghini.

nero nemesis

Nero Nemesis

A member of the Ad Personam collection, Nero Nemesis is a deep matte black that speaks to the power and sleekness of the vehicle.

rosso andromeda

Rosso Andromeda

Those looking for the fire engine red sports car look will find it in Rosso Andromeda. Bold and shiny, yet still tasteful.

rosso leto

Rosso Leto

Rosso Leto is a deep red that really pushes the boundaries of the classic idea of a red performance vehicle. A color that speaks to the power of the car.

rosso mars

Rosso Mars

Rosso Mars is shiny red at its best. It pops at any time of day, but really shines in the sun.

verde citrea

Verde Citrea

Verde Citrea is a bright neon green with undertones of yellow. A very futuristic color that expresses the joy of driving a Lamborghini.

Verde Draco

Verde Draco is an elegant olive green. Its shiny finish balances the more muted color tone, creating a refined look that’s still a showpiece.

verde mantis

Verde Mantis

Verde Mantis is a green for the bright and the bold that has emerged as one of Lamborghini’s iconic modern color options.

verde metallic

Verde Metallic

Verde Metallic harkens back to classic British racing green with a modern, metallic update to the finish. A showstopper in sunlight.

verde hydra

Verde Hydra

The stealthy look of Verde Hydra – a deep metallic forest green – adds intrigue to the power and luxury of a Lamborghini.

viola 30

Viola 30

Viola 30 is Lamborghini’s metallic purple that is bright and bold while hinting at the “fire” of a classic red sports car.

Used 2019 Lamborghini Aventador LP 770 4 SVJ Coupe RARE Viola Aletheia Hot Color Combo Carbon Fiber
Image Source: Chicago Motor Cars

Viola Aletheia

Viola Aletheia is a bold reimagination of violet that’s rich from the deepness of the shade and bright from its metallic finish.

viola pasifae

Viola Pasifae

Viola Pasifae is a metallic purple that’s bold, powerful, and fun all at once. A very expressive, unique Lamborghini color.

balloon white

Balloon White

Balloon White is the modern conception of a white performance vehicle. Matte finish with a slight shine and rich gray undertones.

Images Sourced From Lamborghini


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