December 3, 2023

Potential customers in Switzerland who wish to try out a German-made Tesla Model Y now have the opportunity to take one of the European-made all-electric crossovers for a spin. As per a recent post on LinkedIn, Tesla is offering test drives for its Germany-made Model Y in Cham, Zug, Switzerland. 

Several Tesla employees from the area confirmed the program, with Store Supervisor Marina Sarah Elena Bopp noting that the location has received its first white Made-in-Germany Model Y Performance from Giga Berlin. The unit, which is equipped with 21″ Überturbine wheels and an all-black interior, will be used as a test drive unit. Previously available units featured a black color scheme, similar to the first Model Ys delivered in last month’s handover ceremony with CEO Elon Musk.

Credit: Marina Sarah Elena Bopp/LinkedIn

Needless to say, customers of Tesla’s Cham, Zug location in Switzerland could consider themselves fortunate. Germany-made Model Ys are quite in demand even among Tesla enthusiasts today, after all, as they are produced in one of the electric vehicle maker’s newest factories. Being a Made-in-Germany Tesla, expectations are also high that the Model Ys from Giga Berlin would feature good build quality. 

Veteran electric car owners would note that test drives are among the most effective ways to promote Teslas. The Tesla Model Y, while a crossover, is quite unlike any other vehicle in its class thanks to its combination of raw power and breathtaking tech. Having potential customers experience it firsthand would likely be the ideal way to market the vehicle. 

Gigafactory Berlin has only been open for a few weeks now, but the facility has experienced its first environmental challenge this week. As per local reports, a water-polluting liquid had leaked in Giga Berlin’s paint shop earlier this week. The substance escaped on Monday evening because a valve had not been completely closed. Fortunately, spokesman Thomas Frey has confirmed that the substance was fully caught and gathered in a collection tank, and later pumped out by an approved waste disposal company. Tesla also reported the incident to the water authority of the Oder-Spree district.  

Tesla’s actions, however, caught the ire of the Strausberg-Erkner water association, who noted that they were not included in the company’s reports about the incident. “We are surprised that we did not know this and were not included in the reporting column. These substances flow, but the information does not flow. We need this information to ensure the safety of the drinking water service in the event of an accident and to be able to assess pollutant inputs in the sewage system,” a spokesperson from the association said. 

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Tesla pushes Made-in-Germany Model Y test drives in Switzerland


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