December 4, 2023

Tesla Giga Berlin is already moving relatively quickly for an electric vehicle factory built by a foreign automaker in Germany, but following the company’s recent round of price cuts, the facility would have to move faster. This is especially the case with regard to the production of the Model Y. 

Tesla’s recent round of price cuts were implemented for vehicles produced in Germany, with the Model Y RWD receiving a 17% adjustment. The Model Y Dual Motor AWD and the Model Y Performance received smaller price adjustments at just 4% and 1%, respectively. 

A look at Tesla’s order page for the Model Y in Germany reveals that the estimated delivery date for the base Model Y has been updated. Prior to the recent price reductions, the base Model Y was listed with an estimated delivery date of January to March 2023. The estimate today is February to March 2023. 

The estimated delivery dates for the Model Y Dual Motor AWD and the Model Y Performance remain unchanged at January to March 2023. 

As per comments from Brandenburg Economy Minister Joerg Steinbach on Thursday at a meeting organized by IG Metall, one of Germany’s largest unions, production at Giga Berlin should be sped up so that customer waiting times could be reduced, as noted in a report from Automotive News EuropeIn his comments, Steinbach noted that Giga Berlin’s output “has to grow up more.” 

Tesla added the base Model Y configuration to Germany last year for a price of 53,990 euros. Back then, it was unclear if the Model Y RWD offered in Germany was built in Giga Berlin or if the units were imported from China. 

Tesla has been pretty quiet about where Germany’s base Model Y is coming from today, though the vehicle’s online configurator may provide a clue. In Germany’s order page for the Model Y, the base RWD configuration for the all-electric crossover is offered with Midnight Silver Metallic and Red Multi-Coat paint. The Model Y Dual Motor AWD and the Model Y Performance, on the other hand, are available with Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red paint, which are exclusive to Giga Berlin. 

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Tesla Germany’s base Model Y gets longer delivery estimate after price cuts


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