December 4, 2023

John Black likes to make things shiny. For almost three decades, he’s been detailing all sorts of modern and classic cars through vehicle detailing businesses in and around Olympia. His newer venture, Olympia Auto Recon, reflects John’s eye for detail and perfection.

Quality Car Detailing in Olympia

GMC AT4X getting detailed in Olympia
This brand-new 2022 GMC AT4X was given a paint enhancement and ceramic coating, which are just some of the services offered at Olympia Auto Recon. Photo credit: John Black

John’s history as a car fanatic has led him to his career in car detailing. At Olympia Auto Recon, he’s hoping to change customers’ levels of expectations. “I want to bring old school quality and passion back to car detailing, but with modern techniques and expertise,” John shares.

His success as a detailer can be attributed to his deep love for cars, his attention to quality care, and his dynamite customer base. “My focus is quality over quantity,” he says. “While most people focus on quantity, I’m focused on producing the most quality work, even if it means pumping out fewer details.”

John’s detailing business is so much more than a good shampoo, leather treatment or deep sanitation. The goal isn’t just to make something look clean, it’s to make it look immaculate, no matter what the vehicle needs. Olympia Auto Recon always goes above and beyond so that the final product adds value to the vehicle.

For John, no detailing job is too difficult or too intricate. It’s clear that the most important thing at Olympia Auto Recon is to produce high-quality detailing no matter if it’s a daily driver, a weekend warrior or a museum-grade show car.

“We get down to the nitty-gritty with our detailing,” John says. The nitty-gritty, he tells me, includes full-comprehensive detailing, not just vacuuming and wiping down. Instead, it’s a full-scale deep clean and correction, including steam cleaning, leather cleaning, conditioning, high-end ceramic coatings, decontaminating, paint enhancements and corrections, headlight restorations, scratch removal, touch-up paint, and so much more.

One of John’s favorite aspects of his job is his ability to take someone’s car and fix things to make them love it even more than they did before. “I love taking customers’ cars and molding them into exactly what the owner wants them to be,” John says. “It’s a good feeling when a car owner loves their car even more than they already did when they leave the shop.”

Passionate Car Culture in Olympia

white and black camaro
Olympia Auto Recon gave this 1969 Camaro Z28 a museum quality level paint correction and ceramic coating package. Photo credit: John Black

The community of Olympia and the car culture that exists throughout the area is of particular importance to John. Not only is Olympia central to some of his favorite places, but the diverse community has a rich car culture that he says really brings people together.

“Olympia has all sorts of car clubs and car shows happening constantly,” John explains. “It doesn’t matter what your race, religion or background – cars bring people together. The car culture really levels the playing field and opens the floor up to real conversations that break down barriers between people and cultures.”

When asked what John’s favorite car is, he had difficulty choosing. “I love everything from a modern exotic to a classic,” he says. “They’re all interesting to me.”

Olympia Auto Recon’s customer reviews say it all. When checking out the businesses’ Google page, it’s evident many happy customers are driving away from the shop. One client reviewed Olympia Auto Recon, saying: “The result is nothing short of extraordinary and exceeded my expectations in every way. There is no hint of the decals, the hood is perfect, and the truck looks better than new. The value added to my truck far exceeds the cost of the work John did.”

It’s clear that when you bring your car to John, you know it’s in good hands. Additionally, Olympia Auto Recon ensures you’re getting the highest quality possible for the right price.

Are you in need of car detailing services in Olympia? Give John at Olympia Auto Recon a call today to see how they can help your vehicle look and feel exceptional. You can also follow them on the Olympia Auto Recon Facebook page and Instagram. 

Olympia Auto Recon
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