December 4, 2023

Kim Kardashian revealed she has a fleet of minimalist luxury vehicles to match her very austere, neutral-colored house.

In a new video for Vogue, the reality star gave a tour of her monastic mansion as well as her three coordinated vehicles, a Lamborghini, a Rolls Royce, and a Maybach, all painted the same exact shade of “ghost gray” as her home. In the clip, she explained, “I’ve always been a car girl, I love cars, and I really wanted something different. I wanted my cars to blend in with my house which is grey. So I did all grey cars, instead of my typical matte silver, which I used to do. I picked out my Lamborghini Urus with a kit on the front, Rolls Royce Ghost with a crystal lady, and my Maybach Sedan. I love everything about it, painting the emblem gray, if I were to pick one [the Maybach] – that’s my baby right there!” And, according to TMZ, the paint job to keep everything she owns in the same color palette cost Kim upwards of $100,000. Their sources claim that the custom paint job was done by Platinum Motorsports in LA and the color is a “very specific Rolls-Royce gray,” not typically available off the lot.

Each car took roughly a month to complete as it’s not a simple paint job. The three cars had to be taken apart before the color could be applied piece by piece. Kim’s Lamborghini Urus, which has a starting retail price of $218,009, was reportedly the most difficult and took the longest to complete as it has a particularly intricate body kit on the front of the car. A Rolls Royce Ghost typically retails for around $311,900, while a Maybach Sedan would cost at least $185,950. The source also said the Skims founder was “very involved” in every step of the process of painting her cars and “knew exactly what she wanted.” She’s apparently been a loyal customer of Platinum Motorsports for “a while now,” and the business is even getting people calling in and asking for the “Kim K” after seeing her custom cars cruising around town.

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