November 28, 2023

Matte car paint and wrap cleaning guide highlights:

  • It’s more difficult to keep a car with matte paint clean because it requires special cleaning products and procedures
  • The best way to maintain your matte-painted car’s appearance is to hand-wash it with matte-specific cleaners and invest either in matte-specific sealants or protective ceramic coatings
  • Cars with matte vinyl wraps are easier to clean, but they have their own additional care requirements

Whether or not you keep up with the latest color trends, splashing new or extra shades on your car is a popular modification. And while there’s no shortage of stunning car paint options, the matte look is still going strong. Hence why vinyl wraps, which mimic the matte look for a lot less, also draw plenty of appreciative eyes. However, whether you go wrap or repaint, a matte car requires some special care to look its best.


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