February 24, 2024

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‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Can’t Help But Keep Adding Things, This Time, Car Paint Jobs

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“I’m done, I’m done, I’m done, I swear.” That’s the message I keep getting from CDPR who keeps promising “final” updates on Cyberpunk 2077 before they move on, but they can’t seem to quit tweaking it with fixes and additions.

While yes, it’s likely true that the 2.1 update is the last big-ish patch for the game, there was one that went out this past week that yes, fixed some bugs, but also added something fans have been asking for since launch, the ability to repaint your cars. Well, starting with one car brand, anyway, though an implication the rest will follow. Here’s the 2.11 patch note:

“Added the CrystalCoat feature which allows you to change vehicle paint color. Because this technology was developed exclusively by Rayfield, it is currently only available for Rayfield vehicles you own.”

It was a bit strange that while you could carjack a wide variety of different colors of cars in the wild, you were limited to a single paint job on the ones you could buy and own. Yet another GTA-thing-from-15-years-ago thing that Cyberpunk didn’t have.

I am sure there is some technical reason as to why you can only do this with the Rayburn cars, two of the best in the game and ones that many have wanted to repaint. But the “currently” in that sentence implies that this may be rolled out to the reset of the cars at a later date as CDPR keeps nitpicking on the minor details they wish they’d squeezed into the original game.

Here’s a video about how the CrystalCoat recoloring works:

The system is kind of crazy, as it’s not really repainting your car, it’s rendered as a holographic effect that changes your car color once you get in the car with a little animation. A little Cyberpunk-y I suppose, but again, I wonder if this was some sort of technical workaround as I’m not sure it’s an ideal system to have your car change color back when you’re outside of it. Still, it’s a neat effect.

To change the color you either hit Y on PC or a D-pad button on console. This will bring up the Clearcoat menu where you can adjust a color wheel for two different tone of paint on the car. A full color wheel, not just a scarce few colors, and you can mix and match the pieces however you want. Right now this only works on a Rayfield Caliburn and the Rayfield Aerondight.

So yeah uh, good work CDPR, I don’t quite know why you’re still doing this kind of stuff but I’m happy you are!

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