December 4, 2023

If we have been to inform you that it’s attainable to improve colour match and paint complete quality and very easily spray tricky-to-achieve places like fender effectively openings and rocker panels merely by switching your paint cup, would you be fascinated in understanding much more? Of training course you would!

Properly, right after two yrs of special use in a person of the greatest MSOs in the country, SEM Products and solutions is fired up to make the VCS Flexible Cup Program available to all people in the automotive refinish market. Enjoyment and anticipation in the sector is around the major.

Now let us be very clear, VCS is NOT just one more cup procedure. VCS is a new hybrid paint cup system that combines a hard cup with a vented, collapsible liner. This tricky cup and vented liner mixture, a initial in the automotive refinish business, gets rid of paint stream limitations linked with well-liked tough cup paint systems and common liner devices.

“So, we’ve listened to specialists in the stores and have arrive out with a cup that addresses paint movement limitations that starve the spray gun. Also, it presents the skill to spray upside down, on the fly,” suggests Larry Trexler, marketing supervisor, specialized providers & teaching for SEM.

“Hard cups normally have to be vented to stay away from paint move limits. The dilemma is, if you get down on the bottom of a rocker panel and you have to have to change that gun sideways or even upside down, that vented cup is likely to drip.”

There are also issues with liner programs, Trexler states.

“The liner is so tender and flexible, it collapses down as you spray. Finally, a vacuum pocket varieties in the liner and the restriction stops the paint from flowing into the gun. Now the gun is forced to suck the paint out of the cup. If you’re spraying pearls or heavy metallics observed on more recent product automobiles, you will be struggling with coloration match problems.”

The VCS vented liner solves these difficulties. When the vent is open, it allows unrestricted paint move, a dependable complete and superior shade match. When the vent is closed, it provides you much more flexibility in the paint booth, specifically when spraying tricky-to-get to regions at excessive angles — even upside down.

“With the VCS cup, you can spray vented and unvented, on the fly, depending on exactly where you are on the car,” claims Trexler.

A further bonus of the VCS Cup Program is that, considering that it is a disposable liner program, there is incredibly minor cleanup at the end of the working day. Plus, if you do not use all the substance in the cup, you can place a cap on the lid and store it for later on use.

Trexler points out: “If you have obtained a coloration, for occasion, black, that you are heading to be using to do trim-outs in the course of the working day, you can set a VCS cap on the lid, turn the cup upside down and keep it on the counter. That straightforward minimal trick allows the filter in the cup to continue to be wet. You can choose up that cup afterwards, give it a shake to combine the paint and you are completely ready to go.”

So, for shops looking for strategies to increase productiveness, regularity and colour match when minimizing steps and cleaning solvents, switching to SEM’s VCS Cup Method is an simple final decision.

The VCS Adaptable Cup method is readily available in 13-, 22- and 32-ounce cup dimensions, and stainless steel adapters are out there for most experienced spray guns. VCS tough cups are out there with printed combine ratios or blank, and lids function a constructed-in 125-micron filter. VCS starter kits include things like the 3 cup measurements, liners, lids and caps — all in a single box.

For additional information about the VCS Versatile Cup Method stop by or communicate with your regional SEM rep.

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