February 24, 2024

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7 Best Multicolor Car LED Strips of 2023

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7 Best Multicolor Car LED Strips of 2023 | Light Strips for Cars

<h2 class=”body-h2″>What to Consider</h2><p>There are two main categories for automotive LED strips: interior and exterior. It’s important to understand the difference because exterior lighting has additional weather sealing that interior strips typically lack. </p><p>Most lighting options—both interior and exterior—attach to your car with a semi-permanent adhesive along the backside of the strip. Make sure you thoroughly clean and dry the surface of your car before adhering the light strips, otherwise they may not stick or could fall off prematurely. </p><p>Some of our picks have screws and mounts for permanent installation, but adhesives are easier to install and can work well even on exterior lights. LED light strips come in a specific length, so you may want to look for a short or long option depending on where it will be installed.</p><p>Entry-level, inexpensive LEDs have fixed brightness and color, while more expensive, higher-end light strips often include options for adjustment with an infrared remote or a dedicated smartphone app. Those with adjustable colors are labeled as RGB light strips, while more complex lights that can display multiple colors at once are labeled RGBIC.</p><p>Most LED strips need to pull power from your car’s 12-volt system using either an interior plug or a hard wire (for exterior applications). That means you should make sure to turn off power to your lights when the car is off, just like you would with the factory lights, so you don’t accidentally run your battery low. </p><p>With any type of custom lighting, make absolutely sure you don’t stick it in a place that will block the driver’s visibility or interfere with any mechanism of the vehicle. Avoid installing anything directly around the steering wheel, gauge cluster, pedal box, or gear shifter.</p><h2 class=”body-h2″>How We Selected</h2><p>We recommend these car light strips based on personal experience with our own vehicles, plus some review input from our colleagues at <em>Car and Driver</em>. We also took customer reviews into account to make sure you get what you’re expecting, and aimed for a wide variety of features and price points to suit your needs.</p>”/>

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