November 28, 2023

Polestar has treated its 2 EV to a range of updates that don’t necessarily change the way it looks, but do improve its climate-friendly credentials and might just help you eke out a few extra miles from a full charge.

The biggest of those updates, and the most useful, is an upgraded battery in the standard range single-motor model sold in Europe. Improved cell chemistry boosts the capacity from 61 kWh to 69 kWh, which increases the WLTP driving range from 273 miles (439 km) to 295 miles (474 km). In addition, a new heat pump included in the Plus Pack has an improved optimal temperature range that should result in an increase in real-world range.

But those batteries aren’t only better for the planet because they give a longer driving range. Polestar has teamed up with Circulor to employ blockchain traceability of the mica used in their construction, allowing the company to trace the minerals (including cobalt, which it already tracks) from source to finished product to ensure they’re responsibly sourced and manufactured. The aluminum battery casing is now sourced exclusively from suppliers who use renewable energy, which Polestar says will result in a carbon emissions (CO2e) reduction of 1,653lbs (750 kg) per car.

Other changes to the Polestar 2 include new designs for the standard 19-inch, and optional 20-inch wheels, a removable sunshade for the panoramic glass roof, and new paint, trim, and upholstery color options. Vegan leather is a popular choice, but for those who demand the real deal, Polestar now offers ethically-sourced Nappa leather. Or as ethical as you get when the production process still involves slaughtering innocent animals.

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Polestar has also introduced an advanced cabin filter and upgraded interior particulate matter sensor that mates with a new in-car app to let you know the state of the cabin air quality before and after you’ve eaten that giant burrito.

“In our programme updates we want to take action on improvements that can make a positive sustainability impact quickly, rather than traditional mid-cycle facelifts,” says Fredrika Klarén, Polestar’s Head of Sustainability. “Product optimization programmes are common in the car industry, but we are taking an extended approach at Polestar, combining these with CO2e reduction programmes as well.”

Prices and EPA range figures for the updated Polestar 2 will be released in the coming weeks.

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