December 4, 2023

Audi goes above and beyond when it comes to personalizing each car purchased by its customers. The German manufacturer does so with Audi Exclusive, which offers clients the opportunity to turn their Audi into something truly special with individual paintwork and decorative stitching. As a result of the Audi Exclusive program, we’ve seen several glorious color schemes down the years that simply refuse to go out of style.

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Audi Exclusive’s catalog offers as many as five different finishes to go with any color of your choosing, which makes the end result even better. These finishes include Metallic, Pearl Effect, Uni, Matte, and Crystal Effect, and each of them brings out a different personality in your Audi. That said, today we’re looking at some of the best colors and finishes we’ve ever seen on Audis. This list is going to be nothing short of an art gallery.

10 Mercato Blue

Mercato Blue Audi RS7 Sportback Driving

Mercato Blue is a special paint color offered by the German manufacturer. With a deep, rich, and sophisticated look, the color offers a unique blend of sportiness and luxury. Any Audi donned with this particular shade will catch the light with its intense shade, further accentuating its lines and enhancing its exterior with a dynamic appearance.

Appearing similar to Lamborghini’s Monterey Blue, Audi’s Mercato Blue is more reflective of a sense of style with performance. Needless to say, it’s not as loud as most of the other colors in Audi’s glorious palette, but it stands out in its own right. The color can be best observed on the Audi RS7 Sportback as pictured above.

9 Nardo Grey

A Nardo Grey Audi RS7 Sportback

With a sleek and modern appearance, Audi’s Nardo Grey color is exclusivity personified. Any Audi sporting this paint has an electrifying pull that draws onlookers in. The color itself is a matte gray shade that has a cool undertone, having more of a polished appearance.

Introduced in 2013 on the V8-powered Audi RS7, Nardo Grey offers depth and dimension that enhances the lines and contours of any Audi. The color is a versatile choice that fits a range of Audi models perfectly well. With the surging popularity of this particular color from Audi, other manufacturers such as BMW and Honda have also introduced their own variations of medium gray.

8 Garnet Red

Garnet Red Audi Q5

Another exclusive and widely popular color, Garnet Red is popular among Audi lovers for several reasons. It’s simply an intense shade of red that stirs a sense of passion. The name of this shade and the paint itself takes inspiration from garnet, the precious gemstone known for its deep red color.

It’s the top choice if you’re looking for a color on your Audi that highlights your car’s lines and exterior. Garnet Red is a vibrant hue that boasts elegance and a refined appearance, and let’s face it: such a passionately positive shade of red will never go out of style. Still not convinced? Check out how awesome this ABT Audi RS6 Wagon looks.

7 Merlin Purple

Merlin Purple Audi S6

If you’re looking for a touch of mystique on your Audi, the Merlin Color paint should be your go-to. This magical shade of purple is an exclusive tone that is likely to capture an abnormally high amount of attention wherever it goes. Its name is inspired by the legendary figure of Merlin, which comes with a fair share of enchantment on its own.

Since Merlin Purple comes with a pearl finish, it appears different under varying light conditions. It’s more than certainly a cut above the rest and far different than the more traditional colors. Nissan also attempted a similar color with its Midnight Purple, but Audi’s Merlin Purple probably takes the win over that shade by a comfortable mile.

6 Solar Orange

Solar Orange Audi RS6 4.0 TFSI Quattro
via Twitter

Solar Orange is one of the most vibrant colors available in Audi’s palette. In automotive history, orange is a color that has mostly stayed reserved for more sporty vehicles, and Chevrolet Camaro’s Vivid Orange is another similar example. Similarly, Solar Orange is an eye-catching and bold choice for most of Audi’s sporty models. It’s more than likely that this intense shade of orange was designed to make a statement on the road, as it offers a highly distinctive finish on an Audi.

Solar Orange is a high-energy and dynamic choice for color, exuding a sense of confidence and enthusiasm as it stays in the public’s eye wherever it goes. It is likely to make a good choice for a high-performance Audi model because it accentuates the sporty and aggressive design elements.

5 Riviera Blue

Riviera Blue Audi R8
via Pinterest

With its bright and attention-grabbing appearance, Riviera Blue is one of the most exotic finishes you can have on your Audi. This vibrant shade of blue exudes excitement as a truly iconic finish on any high-performance Audi out there.

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If you’re thinking about getting an Audi with a performance-oriented nature, Riviera Blue is one color you should strongly consider. It’s one of the most beloved Audi finishes and is most recognizable on the Audi R8. While accentuating the lines and contours, it also enhances the car’s sporty character, giving it a personality of its own.

4 Goodwood Green Pearl

Goodwood Green Audi A8 L 60 TFSI e

Goodwood Green Pearl is one of the more classic Audi colors yet it still maintains exclusivity among the entire palette. It’s a darker shade of green which comes with a pearl finish, which means it tends to have varying appearances depending on light conditions.

Audi Club North America reported that a customer loved their Goodwood Green Pearl Audi so much, that when the time came to upgrade to the new Audi RS3 after 16 years, the customer chose to have the same finish on their new car. Even though the delivery date had to be extended due to the exclusive paint requested by the customer, it’s safe to assume the decision was worth it.

Ipanema Brown Audi RS6

One of Audi’s more recent colors, Ipanema Brown offers a more warm and earthy tone that remains highly exclusive since not many colors are like this one in Audi’s range. This unique shade of brown gets its name from Ipanema Beach in Rio de Janeiro, which is renowned for its natural beauty and warmth.

Other manufacturers have also experimented with similar shades, such as Lexus with its Pearl Brown color, but Audi’s Ipanema Brown is something else. A mere glance at this metallic finish is enough to explain that it’s an extremely rich shade that perfectly matches Audi’s high standards of elegance. While still maintaining a sense of versatility, Audi’s Ipanema Brown simultaneously boasts refinement and luxury. It’s a color that perfectly complements Audi’s unmatched design language.

2 Viper Green

A Viper Green Audi RS3 Sedan

With a striking and distinctive appearance, Viper Green is one of Audi’s most exclusive colors. It’s a vibrant shade of green which stands out with a bold and eye-catching hue. It can be seen above on the RS3 Sedan, and what’s most impressive is how the color maintains that sense of luxury while giving the vehicle a sporty character.

There’s just something about the vibrant greens from Audi that gives the car a special aura. Java Green is another similar green on Audi’s spectrum of colors, which is seen best on the Audi RS Q8. The vehicle in particular shattered the Nurburgring Production SUV record recently, and ironically it did so in the Java Green finish. Are we trying to imply that Audi’s vibrant greens give vehicles a sporty edge? No, we’re not, but this is another reason why we love this color so much.

1 Sprint Blue

A Sprint Blue Audi S5 Cabriolet Driving

Sprint Blue looks best on the S5 Cabriolet, as it perfectly complements the car’s al fresco driving experience. If you live in an area that mostly experiences warm weather, the cool tones of the Sprint Blue will likely be a winning choice on your Audi.

Several manufacturers have experimented with exciting shades of blue, such as Bentley with its Spark Blue. However, arguably nothing comes close to the Sprint Blue by Audi. It’s an exotic yet elegant look for the S5 Cabriolet and a look that you’ll have difficulty replicating on any other car. It’s simply a match made in heaven!


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